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In 2012, as part of The Lundy Law Foundation’s commitment to childhood education we began the Lundy Law Library Express. This program partners with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to provide patients ages 2-18 with brand new reading, activity and coloring books.

CHOP volunteers roll the colorful Lundy Law Library Express mobile library carts to each of the nearly 500 patient rooms at CHOP. All patients are given the opportunity to choose a book from the cart that they can keep, including children receiving outpatient treatment. In addition, library carts are accessible in the CHOP Emergency Room and Beurger Center waiting area for CHOP patients and their siblings.

The Lundy Law Foundation launched this important patient care initiative with the belief that increasing the availability of books to hospitalized children w ill promote wellness by engaging imagination and creativity. The Lundy Law Library Express brings the books directly to a patient’s room, eliminating the need for a trip to the hospital library which can be complicated — or even impossible — for seriously ill, infectious or immobile children.


2The Lundy Law Library Express partnered with the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation in a reading and literacy initiative: The Lundy Law Library Express Reading Buddies Program. This program is open to all participants, but is specifically designed to help students in grades PK-3 who are behind in reading skills and comprehension.

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Snider Hockey students stay after practice or come early to read with a Big Buddy: a coach, adult volunteer or older Snider Hockey student. In addition to helping Little Buddies practice their reading skills, the Reading Buddies program promotes literacy and builds excitement around reading.

Colorful Lundy Law Library Express library carts filled with books are available in each of the four inner-city ice-skating rinks served by Snider Hockey.

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