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Children’s interests are constantly changing. One week they could be interested in their favorite caped crusader, the next wizards and warlocks! While the premise of their favorite books may be constantly changing there are certain themes you should always consider when choosing a children’s book. We’ve listed a few below.

Lessons on Kindness – Given the current state of the world and people arguing frequently, it’s important to educate children early on on just how important kindness is. Look for books that help teach the importance of empathy and sharing. Helping kids realize just how wonderful friendship and treating each other with compassion is early will help them have a better perception of the world outside of current headline

Make Them Laugh –┬áThere’s been studies to show that there’s nothing kids love more than to laugh. Just look at the types of television shows they enjoy watching. More often then not, it’s something they find funny. Reading funny books will help a child associate reading with amusement.

Education – You can never go wrong with a book that will teach a child something. Books about science or world history are great ways to help future adults learn the difference from fact or fiction. It’s a fun way to learn!