The Lundy Law Foundation

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The Lundy Law Foundation is a proud sponsor of Project Libertad, and their Annual 5k in Media, PA.  This event took place on November 11th to benefit survivors of sex trafficking. This year there were over 70 participants and $5,000 was raised! The money raised will be used to help educate at risk youth on sex trafficking prevention in the greater Philadelphia area.

Project Libertad is a non-profit organization working to help survivors of sex trafficking. While there are many shelters in the Philadelphia region, many of them turn away victims of sex trafficking who have developed a drug addiction. 85% of sex workers battle substance abuse and have no where to go when they escape.

Project Libertad works to fix this problem by removing the 3 month sobriety barrier many shelters require. The organization is working to create a shelter that has less restrictions and removing the sobriety barrier so sex trafficking survivors can receive the help they need immediately. The group is also now focusing on trafficking prevention education for youth in the Philadelphia area.

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The Lundy Law Foundation was proud to have been a part of this event and help make a difference. For more information on Project Libertad visit their website.

Written by Jake Verterano