The Lundy Law Foundation

The Lundy Law Foundation was proud to continue it’s mission of educating our youth by underwriting Courageous Choices: Finding Your Creative Voice at the National Museum of American Jewish History.

Students (ages 10 and up) that participate in Courageous Choices were able to analyze and interpret documents, events and participate in an interactive Museum Tour that helps give them an understanding of historical figures who exemplify American values and freedom. The tour includes exciting items like a timeline highlighting the history of Levi Strauss, an interactive Ellis Island program and a wedding dress made from a parachute used in World War II.

The program also included a theatrical performance of ‘1 Pound, 4 Ounces’, created and performed by Khalil Munir. The one-man show tells a story of overcoming adversities and hurdles in life.

The program concluded with students taking home books donated by the Lundy Law Foundation to continue their educational journey on this important topic. The Lundy Law Foundation was proud to underwrite this special program.

Written and Video Production by Jake Verterano